@ResiCiencia or, in other words, Science at the Residencia de Estudiantes. This webpage is a tool for scientific divulgation through audiovisual contents; an open channel that brings the work of investigators in every field of scientific knowledge, both Spanish and foreigners, from the past and contemporaries, to the public in general.

ACTIVIDADES: this webpage compiles video recordings of numerous conferences, round tables, presentations and scientific conventions that are organized by the Residencia de Estudiantes as part of its multiannual courses of scientific divulgation: Ágora para la ciencia, Matemáticas en la Residencia, Lecciones Carmen y Severo Ochoa, conferences on fundamental Physics, and La noche europea de los investigadores, among others.

MINUTOS DE CIENCIA: this section includes short video pieces meant for their diffusion on social media and to be watched on devices like phones or tablets. Through these dynamic clips rooted on the scientific activities celebrated at the Residencia, the series @ResiCiencia aims to bring the work of scientists and new audiences together.
Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Arthur Eddington, Blas Cabrera and Miguel Catalán are some of the names protagonists in the series Sabio x Sabio = Sabio², a dialogue between the past and the present of Physics. In each clip, a contemporary scientist explains in an accessible manner some aspect of the investigations that those essential scientists developed or exhibited in the Residencia.

DOCUMENTALES: @ResiCiencia also includes a selection of documentaries and historical films in which science and its protagonists play a central role.